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hard drives

by Ashdon wood who has a hard drive and is really really really stupid

my uncle gave us a hard drive which plays movies. when you turn it on you have to wait for ten minutes because it has a lot of movies in there to get loaded up. you can put as much movies in your hard drive but when you turn the hard drive on it will take a longer time to load up. you need electricity to play your hard drive if you don't it means it won't go. so buy yours today only at NSW.this is Ashdon here and I am just finished for now.have a great day today so bye.

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Marypool [campsite] south a bit of Halls creek

8th September 2013

sunny 32 °C

This morning we left Kununurra and drove to marypool. It took forever. We went for a walk.

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4th-7th of September 2013

sunny 32 °C

This morning we started packing up the caravan and we went for a swim while we waited. soon we left and drove a short distance to Kununurra. When we got there we went shopping.

Today we went for a drive to the sandalwood factory and it smelt really nice. On the way back we saw thousands of magpie geese flying off. We went to a lookout and went shopping again.

This morning we went to Wyndham and on the way we went to El Questro but we didn't go swimming at Emma gorge but we didn't. We got to Wyndham and saw the big crocodile. We went on the jetty and went to the museum. We found nan and pop and went to the lookout and had lunch. There was a lot of smoke around.

Today we didn't do much. We went to the markets and had a milkshake and did a bit more shopping. We went to the lake and had a swim.

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Lake Argyle

2nd and 3rd of September

sunny 34 °C

This morning we left the camp spot and drove to Lake Argyle . We talked on the radios to nan and pop for a little bit. After lunch we drove a bit further to the Western Australia and Northern Territory border. When we got to the caravan park in Lake Argyle we went swimming in the pool and made a new friend.

I woke up extra early this morning at 5:30 am because I thought I was 7:00 am and I got in trouble for making lots of noise. Later on in the morning[8:30] we went for a drive to the lookout and we could see the dam wall. It was made out of lots of rocks and a bit of clay I think as well. We went back and had lunch before the bus picked us up to take us to the boat. When we got on the boat we saw rock wallabys. We went past the dam wall and we got to feed the fish and drive the boat. The boat had a really big TV to show us where the boat was and how deep it was. We found some freshwater crocodiles and a group of kangaroos on one of the islands and the man let us feed them. We started heading back but we stopped in the middle of the lake and went swimming while the sun was going down. The water was 24 metres deep where we where swimming. We climb the ladder to the top of the boat and got to jump off and it was really fun. We got back on the boat and went back. Ashdon said it was the best boat ride he had ever been on even though he didn't want to go on it before. We went back to the caravan and had dinner and watched a bit of spongebob.

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Timber Creek

1 September 2013

sunny 34 °C

This morning we left Katherine [finally] and made it to Timber creek without any problems with the car. When we got to Timber creek we went past it and drove a bit further to a campsite . We went for a walk to the river to see if we could find any crocodiles. When we went to bed and mum,dad nan and pop were talking there was an earthquake but I didn't Know until mum told me.

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back on road

by Ashdon wood in the car

sunny 34 °C

we have our car back so on Sunday we are leaving to Timber creek. At Timber creek there was a river that had crocodiles in it.After Timber creek we went to lake Argle.We went in the pool and played capture the noodle with our new friends.

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Back in Katherine

By Jolie Wood

sunny 34 °C

Thursday 15th August 2013
This morning we left Katherine But about an hour after we left the car broke down. Dad had to ask some people if he could go back to Katherine with them. About an hour after dad left a tow truck came. We watched the car getting put on the tow truck and then mum and the man had to put the caravan on the back of the car. After the caravan and car where put on the truck we got on the truck and went back to Katherine. We went to the caravan park and undid the caravan off the truck. Then the man left with the car. Later Leith asked dad if we could go for a drive and so did Ashdon.

Friday 16th August 2013
Today we didn't do much. We went to the hot springs near the caravan park and there was a small waterfall. The rocks where really slippery and Leith fell and went down the waterfall. We went back and went on our laptops because there was nothing else to do.

Saturday 17th August 2013
Today we didn't do anything.

Sunday 18th August 2013
This morning our nan and pop came because we where supposed to meet them in WA. We had morning tea with them and then they went to the caravan park that we went to before the car broke down. Later they came back and had dinner with us.

Monday 18TH August 2013
This morning our pop came and picked up in his car and took the caravan to the other caravan park that they are staying at. In the afternoon we went swimming.

20th - 31st August 2013
We didn't do anything. mum and dad picked the car up from Darwin on the 30th and dad cleaned the car.

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Hot Springs

by Ashdon wood in the Hot Springs

Ah the Hot Springs a nice place to stay. It has a rope that you can swing on and a mini waterfall you can slide off. And even better no crocodiles not even freshwater but if you go past a tree branch it would lead you to a river that would have some crocodiles in it so don't pass the tree branch. The heat of the Hot Springs comes from underground in the heat of the sun and the suns heat can sink in the ground and comes back up in water. The Hot Springs is for free so that's why it is always busy but not that busy on school days because kids are at school. Hot springs is the best place I have ever swam.

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Week 16 Photos



Litchfield National Park


View from Ubirr in Kakadu National Park



Yellow Waters in Kakadu National Park


Jim Jim Falls (dry) in Kakadu National Park


Termite Mound in Kakadu National Park


Edith Falls near Katherine

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broc down

done completely by Leith Wood with some help

car broc down then tow truc came

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By Jolie Wood

sunny 32 °C

Sunday 11th August 2013
This we left Kakadu national park and drove to Katherine. We stopped at Pine Creek again and had lunch. When we got to Katherine we set up the caravan and then we went swimming.

Monday 12th August 2013
Today we went to Edith falls. We went for a walk to the top of the waterfall and we walking on the rocks and in the water. We went down to the poo and went swimming in the water under the waterfalls and the water was really cold. We left and went back to the caravan park.

Tuesday 13th August 2013
Today we went to the Cutta Cutta Caves. It was really hot in the cave and at the end the man turned all the light off in the cave and I couldn't see anything. On the way out of the caves we saw baby rock wallaby.

Wednesday the 14th August 2013
This morning we went to the Kathrine gorge in Nitmiluk National park. We went on 3 different boats to get in the 3 different gorges. We where going to go in a canoe but went in the boats instead because it was to long. We saw 5 freshwater crocodiles. On the way back we went swimming in a big rock pool and it was really deep.We went back and we saw some more bats and they where really loud. We went back to the caravan and did some schoolwork. Later we went out for dinner and when we got out of the car we saw all the bats flying. When we got back to the caravan park and we saw a quoll but we don't know if it was a quoll or not

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broken down

by Ashdon wood who has been stuck in the middle of nowhere

Today we were just on our way to timber creek but our car broke down so we waited for a car to come across to get back to Katherine to get help.one hour later a tow truck came and put our car on the truck then got back to Katherine and dad was at the caravan park waiting for us and the man said that the car will be going to Darwin so were staying here for two weeks.

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the caves

by Leith wood

ok, I liked the caves. They were good.

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Blah, Blah

sort of by Leith Wood

I liked Cairns the best because it had a waterpark at the place that we were staying. I liked seeing dynusors end kroks and the Qantas planes. I thought the crocodiles were big and just little a bit scary and I wasn't allowed to go near the river or waterholes because a crocodile might eat me. I do not like to do any bushwalking and drive my mum and dad crazy when I tell them I can't walk any more. I'm going to see some caves this afternoon but I don't like cave either. I would have liked to stayed home and gone to school.

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A campground in Kakadu national park

By Jolie Wood


Friday the 9th August 2013
This morning we left Jabiru and went to a campground near Cooinda. When we got there we had lunch and went to Jim Jim falls. We drove on a gravel road and walked the rest of the way. We had to walk over lots of rocks and Ashdon and Leith we complaining that they had to walk. When we got there there wasn't that much water in the waterfall but in the pool at the bottom of the waterfall it was nice. On the way back I found 2 snakes and 1 baby crocodile.

Saturday the 10th August 2013
Today we went on the Yellow Waters Boat Cruise. We saw lots of crocodiles, brumbys [wild horses], pig and lots of birds. We had lunch and an icecream and went to the aboriginal cultural centre. We went back to the caravan and watched spongebob.

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