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By Jolie Wood


Thursday the 8th August 2013
This morning we left Darwin and drove to Jabiru. When we got there we went to Ubirr (oo-beer) in Kakadu National park. We saw the rock art that was thousands of years old, climbed the rocks to get a great view of the wetlands below and spotted crocs back at Cahills Crossing before they disappeared under the water ready for an attack. One of the crocs was eating a fish. We went back to the caravan park and watched a slideshow about crocodiles.

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By Jolie Wood


Thursday the 1st August 2013
This morning we left Woolianna and drove to Darwin. When we got to Darwin we went to the markets. We saw the fire twirler and got a slushie. We left and went for a drive.

Friday the 2nd August 2013
This morning we watched a movie and did schoolwork. Later we went to Howard Spring Nature Park. Afterwards we went for another drive to Darwin.

Saturday the 3rd August 2013
Today we didn't do much. Later we went to Berry Springs. We went under a small waterfall.

Sunday the 4th August 2013
We woke up early this morning so we could go on the Adelaide River cruise and see the jumping crocodiles. On the way back to Darwin we went to the windows on the wetlands which is a museum about the wetlands in the Northern Territory. We also went to Fogg Dam and saw lots of birds and a snake. We left and went back to the caravan.

Monday the 5th August 2013
Today we went to Litchfield National park. We saw the magnetic termite mounds and went to Florence Falls. We went to Tabletop Swamp and had lunch. We went to Tolmer falls and it was really tall. We went to Wangi falls and went swimming. We went for a walk to the lower cascades and went back to Darwin.

Tuesday the 6th August 2013
This morning we woke up early to get our car serviced. Dad dropped us of in Darwin and we went to mcdonalds and got breakfast. We went for a walk and went to a pool that had waves in it and went swimming. We left and got the car back and went for a drive.

Wednesday the 7th August 2013
Today we went to the Darwin museum. It was good. After we left we went shopping to get some food. It was really boring.

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By Jolie Wood


Tuesday the 30th of July 2013
This morning we left Mataranka and drove to Woolianna. When we got there we went swimming.

Wednesday the 31st of July 2013
Today we went in the boat we hired to go fishing and se some crocodiles. We saw lots of salt water crocodiles. Later we went swimming

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By Jolie Wood


Saturday 27th of July 2013
This morning we left our campsite and drove to Mataranka. We went to Bitter springs and the water was warm.

Sunday 28th of July 2013
Today we went to Mataranka Thermal pools and the place where they filmed We are the never never. We went back to our caravan and went to Bitter springs.

Monday 29th of July 2013
Today we went to bitter springs and went on our laptops. Later we went back to bitter springs.

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by awesome Ashdon wood

pool signs are very important because if you think there's too much information on it because it might say no swimming so that's why its important to read signs. Spas you are not aloud to swim in it because the gas is making the bubbles and the gas will come out with it so you will be sick. I am running out of idea's so that's enough of it so bye

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side of road

by Jolie Wood


23rd-26th July 2013
We left the places we where camping at and drove the whole day and camped on the side of the road. We also crossed the Queensland and Northern Territory.

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Week 16 Map

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by Ashdon wood that's a star

we have seen a lot of wild crocs as well as lizards. Crocs like to eat fish, meat and well you know its people.saltwater crocs can eat baby freshwater crocs did you know that. They hide in bushes to hide from there food and when they come close to the crocodile they jump out fast then you can run and eat them. They do not have enemies so they only die by old age. so we have learnt about crocodile today so bye. sighned ASHDON WOOD

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Week 15 Photos

Mataranka - Bitter Springs

Daly River - Woolianna


Adelaide River - Kakadu End

Berry Springs

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Week 14 Photos

Fletcher Creek Camp Site - North of Charters Towers

Jerricho Campsite

Longreach QANTAS Museum


Mount Isa

NT Border

Barkley Highway

Lonreach Waters - NT

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Week 14 & 15 Map

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By Jolie Wood

Tuesday the 23rd July 2013
This morning we drove to Winton. When we got there we went to the age of dinosaurs and saw Banjo and Matilda [dinosaurs]. We went to the laboratory and the lookout. It was fun. We went for a drive and got a drink where Waltzing Matilda was first performed and went to the musical fence. We went back to the cara

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By Jolie Wood

Sunday the 21st July 2013
This morning we had more marshmallows while we waited for mum and dad to pack up the caravan. We left Jericho and drove to Longreach. On the way we drove past lots of road kill. When we got to Longreach we went to the QANTAS [Queensland And Northern Territory Aerial Service] Founders Museum. We went inside 2 planes. We went inside the QANTAS Passenger Jet 707. We went into the big plane and went into the business class and went up the stairs and saw the cockpit. We went back down the stairs in the plane and down the others stairs out of the plane. We got to go in one of the engines and got a picture. We left the planes and went back inside to the museum. We left and went for a drive.

Monday the 22nd July 2013
This morning we went to the Longreach school of distance education [school of the air]. We saw the teachers talking to their student over the radio or Skype and we got a tour of the school. We saw all the kids projects that they sent to their teachers in the mail. We went in the library and we got told that they can take 40 books out at a time and could keep them for six weeks and take them home. Then we left and went to the stock mans hall of fame. It wasn't very fun. We had lunch and went for another drive and went back to the caravan.

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Week 12 Photos


Townsville from Lookout


Magnetic Island Beach


Port Douglas




Paronella Park - South of Cairns


Sky Rail - Cairns


Butterfly Enclosure - Kuranda


Kuranda Scenic Railway

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Week 12 & 13 Map

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